Different Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a coating for the surface that will protect your floor from frequent wear and tear. The chemical of epoxy is created from a perfect blend of liquid polymer resin and liquid hardening chemicals. Once they are mixed perfectly, they are poured over a base layer of flooring in order to make a top protective coating for the floor. Although, Epoxy flooring is specially designed to enhance the look and durability of the concrete floor it can also be used for the finishing of wood floors. There are plenty of professional companies like Epoxy Floor Pros Phoenix that is specialized to provide you floor that is created completely from an epoxy chemical.

Epoxy flooring is very common for industrial and commercial buildings. The reason behind it is that it is the strongest type of flooring that prevents itself from wear and tear and chemical spills. The professionals companies of Phoenix can also mix the epoxy chemicals with sand, color chips, and other hard plastic material to give the beauty and durability to the floor.

“Quartz sand” is commonly used for this purpose. This sand will help to make nonslip commercial flooring which is ideal for the food processing area. Epoxy flooring is also created with anti-static properties that are ideal for laboratories and electronic manufacturing companies where heavy electric charges could destroy electronic devices.

One of the top benefits of epoxy flooring is that it is a very clear flooring and don’t have opaque like others.  Epoxy flooring is created by mixing the pigments to create attractive and solid floors for industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes. To give marble texture to epoxy flooring, the expert can mix large particles of chips in different colored chemicals. Most of the colors are used for garages in homes. These types of garage flooring are commonly named as mortar epoxy, terrazzo epoxy, or graveled epoxy flooring.

Although epoxy flooring is common for industrial and commercial buildings, it is also becoming popular for residential buildings. The professional contractor can give special epoxy application for every room of your home. You can also use epoxy tiles for the bathroom, kitchen, and main lobby. Epoxy tiles are economical in cost and easy to install. These tiles are also ideal for the portions of the home which have to barer a lot of heavy traffic. You can also pour the clear epoxy floor coating over the prepared wooden floor to give it strength.

Many homeowners use epoxy floor coating for garages when they need concrete flooring. To perform a DIY epoxy coating work to your floor, you have to buy an epoxy kit from your nearest home improvement store. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can contact epoxy flooring professionals who will do this job for you. Consult with the famous company to get their suggestions and opinions and to make a good decision.