Lucy P.

I really love this website! I’ve been looking for a website where I can learn more about music and singing and I am so glad that I found your site. If I would be allowed in the summer vacation, I would take classes as well. It would be exciting to improve my vocals and be a part of this organization as well as their classes.

Jade K.

You should really try their classes! I just started a month ago but I could really tell that I am improving albeit slowly. They really teach people well and I know they could coach you the best way possible. Heidi Melton Soprano offers great lessons and I’m sure you’d learn a lot from them. I really hope you can join them, especially on your summer vacation. It would be an exquisite experience.

Kyle R.

I don’t know why many people love Heidi Melton Soprano classes and their membership. My sister keeps talking about it too. I’ve always thought we don’t need any kind of vocal lessons since I’m already quite confident with my skills. But my sister went for classes and I’ve seen how much she developed. I also tried vocal lessons as well and now I know where I lack and what I should improve more when it comes to my skills. I hope that Lucy can join too. It would be great for you to join Heidi Melton Soprano because they really offer great vocal lessons.

Lucy P.

Thank you guys so much for telling me about Heidi Melton Soprano. I am sure they provide great lessons and I can’t wait to experience it soon. My parents have approved my classes here during vacation and I would be joining very soon. I hope it will be nothing more than a great chance for me to improve and develop my own skills just like you guys.